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Want to learn more about embroidery digitizing, placing wires, stitching technology into fabrics, wearables, smart textiles, circuit board stitching, composites, or cutting edge textile engineering? ZSK Academy hosts a world renowned collection of courses aimed to coach the interested prospective student to mastery of a wide variety of embroidery techniques and equipment.

Our research staff and ex-professors aim to give you the best learning experience in technical embroidery and textile engineering through targetable milestones along the way. Build up your skill sets by becoming certified in technical embroidery digitizing, embroidery machine maintenance, and textile engineering fundamentals.

These courses, videos, pamphlets, and guides can be accessed through this site at any time allowing for learning on your personal schedule.

Site announcements

Basic training week 1 fully uploaded!

by Christopher Anderson -

A new basic training week 1 has been uploaded with 40 hours of video and exercise content. Everything that is taught in the first week of in person basic training has been uploaded including quizzes and graded exercises for students attempting to get their ZSK Certification. Additionally, sample files are included for students to follow along the exercises with. 

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